Abestcar Group has joined hands with the industry leaders to bring quality products that exceed your expectations. We is dedicated to provide complete, reliable and efficient solutions incorporating products and services. As a company specializing as Importer, Agent, Sole distributor, Trader and Marketing depending on the needs of the customers or market, Abestcar Group is in a relentless pursuit for excellence that has resulted in sourcing exemplary products.

The extensive range of products provided include Mobile Phones, Engine oils, Tobacco Products, Marine and Safety Products, Industrial and Hardware construction equipment, Scrap, IT etc.

A strong technical sales support backs all our products. The product and customer base of the company is heavily oriented towards industrial and governmental customers. The company has a number of trained marketing engineers with in house training for sales and after sales support in all product areas. Our business values are deeply rooted in trading innovative technology and the latest man made products. Keeping pace with the scientific and technical progress we choose the most up to date products relevant to our business fields.

Our prime venture is to provide the best service at a very reasonable cost. Total customer satisfaction is one of the objectives of the company.


  • Our vision is to be respected as a professional company who offers services in excess of customer’s expectations, and support people develop live, respect human being and to take good care of environment. We could put ourselves as “For Added Value People”.
  • Environment Friendly – Realizing the earth survives on a fragile balance between technological advancement and preservation of nature, Abestcar also ensures its products are environmentally friendly and when appropriate, are – cyclable. In furthering the agenda, our employees constantly ensure their efforts are geared towards a greener earth.
  • Sound commercial practices meeting the international standards and regulations of each country .